Splash in Watercolours

Loose watercolours i really fun and we'll go through a simple flower to learn tricks to make it eas!peasy!

So let's get started!

Paper, Pencil, Kneadable rubble so no marks on paper

Camel or any brand paints preferable Artist's grade. The pigment is softer and more transparent.

Brush no. at leat three - ),  3, 6 and a flat brush 1/2 inch (optional for now)
Tissues to dab brush on !

So let's get started:

Step 1
Draw a simple flower, only leave a few gaps here and there/. This will let you loosse tight control and let you give up the fear.
This is a basic flower. You could draw any. Only remember to leave gaps in between drawing!




Paint on the lines without worrying when it goes out of the line where you have a blank or even if it is outside line


STE#P 4Splash water on wet flower and dab with tissue as you do with distress ink.Then as in step 4 add the background with shades of different colours. And you're done)

 This was our first lesson. Very simple and easy. Use as ,much water as you feel. This is your exploration stage. /let your family join you. Don't tell them what to dont. Don't imitate them. Each person is unique.


Please put your comments or convey it to me. Pm me.

We'd like to know your experience! Soon you will meet other members of the team. Post your work heee and get READY.. to paint a SKY!



Invite your friends and the whole family. 


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