About Me

She is a Commerce graduate (B.U.). She moonlights as a freelance copywriter. An avid Hollywood & Bollywood film buff, she also loves reading!  Right now, she is working on a book (finding a little space amid her jobs). She loves object writing as a means to open up creativity. 

Currently moonlighting for ATL, BTL, Corporate scripts, Content and more...She has worked for Impulse Advertising(Thane) with a national campaign for Premium Creme, Range (JK Helene Curtis) and moved on to part-time and then freelance Copywriting. She has experience in Print, Pharma, Content, BTL, Corporate scripts, Reviews et al!
Also check on her advertising writing and creativity through prompts.

She says “i love: fabric painting, songwriting, object writing, short stories, art journaling and i'm click happy with ‘candid’ pics (my family’s bane!) My hobbies are what keep the clay wet!”

Do check the 'book' here - portfolio.

Read her first fiction for kids on flipkart, smashwords or on Kindle here
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