Night Sketches

For my night sketches i use Prima water colour confection. Lovely , creamy shades. I haven't tried Camel, though i have some colours  that are artist colours and lovely in tubes. I use Daniel smith for my artwork or Sennelier because they have good lightfastness which is necessary if you want to sell. but for practice i use colours that are soft and vibrant without wasting my expensive colour. But i'm very happy with Prima watercolours shades. Bright and vibrant and creamy soft..Tried to get them on prima marketing but they don't recognize prima watercolrs!!!Anyways!

Check the flowers landscpaes and night sketches and washes i've done on my instagram page drmctchr_studio  or Valsa John. Follow me and get the giveaways when they come and latest paintings i do.

You could also find my page drmctchr_studio on

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So well! Practice, practice, practice is a mantra you know.

 I'd say have a Splash! Have fun! 


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