Monday, August 24, 2015

From Advertising to Fantastories - a gutsy girl's fight against pain...

Fighting to make a place in this world   

I know this girl who was forced out of a job due to pain issues. She decided to do what she loved doing best - writing personalized fantasy stories!

She has written 'fantastories' for clients in America, England, Australia, and India right now. To make it personal Sophia gets info from the client about the giftee and then crafts it into a story. She also does ‘fixed fantasy stories’ where the main characters is the person for whom the story is being written and could include friends/family. Ideal gift for a reasonably priced gift or a return gift.

She also conducts workshops for children, teaching - Write your own story.

She plans to reach the world with her stories. She has named it #Fantastories, and is currently sourcing funds through crowd funding to finance her venture, which includes creating a fantasy characters gift shop.

Sophia completed her BMM (Bachelors in Mass Media (B.U.), and did a diploma from the esteemed MICA (Ahmedabad, India); then worked with #EuroRSCG, #Web Chutney, #Jack-in-the box. 

Racked by debilitating pain because of diabetes, Sophia was forced to leave a job near her home, due to it, though it had not affected her work.

She has penned a book (yeah, fantasy fiction), Adarra (available in Amazon and Smashwords), as an eBook.

Sophia has also written an article on mythology for Speaking Tree@ Times of India, and has a blog on fantasy and Indian mytholgy named She has the best collection of fantasy fiction books - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaman are her favourites.

She does ad creatives and social media campaigns. One recent one was for a friend, Author Krishnarjun Bhattacharya for a horror storytelling workshop, (with acoustic sounds by One stop music, Thane). In her kitty is a social media story fiction which is still hush-hush.

Support #Fantastories crowd funding effort or just like/share it. Make it your tribute to the generation who want to work on their terms.