Friday, May 2, 2014

Easy tips to write an effective Direct e Mailer

Write a direct e/mailer by being effective, creating a positive impact on the target audience. Gather all the competitive ammunition you can muster. Use every trick in the book to hook the target audience.


  • Promise a good benefit in the headline which should be bold one in the subject line of the emailer or the envelope or with the main heading in the body of the mailer.
  • It should be clear and crisp who is making the offer and how they qualify to make the offer.
  • Use ‘You’
  • If you have an epic brand name play with the word without being corny.
  • Then you enlarge on this benefit in the first paragraph. Don’t meander around – go straight for it. You got the attention now hold it. Make sure it will make a difference to the consumer.
  • Specify what the benefit is to the TA. What way it would change his/her life. Motivate the customer to use the product now!
  • Back up with proofs or endorsements. A testimonial always strengthens your case. Make it real and believable!
  • Then is the time to dig deeper – tell the customer what is lost by not responding to the proposition.
  • Now is the time to make the benefits stronger and memorable. Rephrase the benefits by repeating key points in different words in the closing offer
  • Invite to action by using words like NOW, TODAY, OFFER FOR, LAST DATE…
  • Make it easy to order with a clear POP (point of purchase) or online address to attain the product. Check the address/mobile nos./landline details and all other relevant details.

  • Avoid using some exotic font that is not readable or blurred. Readability is key not exotic design.
  • Ensure it is personal, talk to the customer not at him. Make the tone friendly.
  • That doesn’t mean be boring. Make a dramatic impact!
  • Use the power of negative as Bill Bernbach taught us. The oldest probably being ‘Small’ Volkswagen!
  • Subtle flattery works in love and in wooing the customer, too.