Get a foot in the door - More awesome portfolio ideas

You need to refresh your portfolio ever once in a way. Of course, this is a continuous process, but it helps if you have these hints from live copy tests. So go ahead get your front foot into the door of a good agency. With these real time portfolio ideas, you can be sure of a better chance at it. With competition hyper give it your best shot. Let loose from old, boring ideas. Yes, think fresh!

1.      Develop a brand positioning for a shampoo brand say Sunsilk. Change the old positioning and create a fresh campaign. Also put up a write up on the home site communicating this change to the Target Audience you have chosen for this campaign.

2.      List and outline the creative for BTL for a coffee brand. Below-the-line (BTL), ATL, TTL check what they embrace here. It should be a frothy, fun campaign.
3.      Devise a print campaign for a national newspaper with the premise that print is real news!

4.      Provide Name and tagline for a linen clothing line – it’s for men. Make a rough sketch of the logo.

5.      Create FB banners for a book reading club.



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