Monday, December 2, 2013

Is there a novel in you waiting to be published!

They say there is a novel in everyone. It could be fiction or non-fiction. You could choose indiE Publishing through Kindle, Smashwords...But, if not formatted properly it would be a reader's nightmare. So you would do well to get into formatting before you start or even now that you have reached the self publishing stage. 

Writing a novel  can do with tips and here are some i gathered from #National Geographic. Check them out here.
After you're done then decide if you want to run after the trad publisher or go for E publishing through #Kindle, #Smashwords or other sources.

Once you are done, you can wear your tux or gown, sari whatever you fancy and party. But, my protagonist in the kids fiction is a Nysasaurus - Dinoz and he wears a TUX!

Formatting right for e-books is not a choice; but a compulsion for the modern day e reader's viewability has a set pattern

So check some useful tips here!
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