Saturday, May 4, 2013

10 tips for great headlines

Try these easy tips to write great headlines

1. Check if the ad has a good USP, a point of difference, something that sets you apart. 

2. Put the problem that the customers face with a larger than life question.

 Big bills, mortgages, education, would higher studies help now?... and the solution in your product either a study program for working people or a learn and earn program in a foreign country

3. Go for the Benefit of the benefit to the customer

4. Make a claim of being small but reaching the top like Avis – We’re No. 2, we try harder

5. Or shout out that you’re # 1 with an award or special recommendation from the industry

6. Make a dream come true offer. The latest gadget for (lowest buying offer) Pay just -

7. Mix headline types - Now, raise a toast to nature! Or Revealing the secret to being # 1

8. Make the headline a bold question

9. Transform a negative to positive – the famous Bernbach method used Lemon in the Volkswagen ad.

10. If you can write a testimonial, nothing like it. See that it is a believable one like a production manager saying - I was looking for a solution to leaking roofs

These are just some of headline ideas. Keep them handy and try these headlines for every product you work on. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find your own ideas just waiting to be written. Keep pens and paper handy. Your smart phone will do just fine. Remember great headlines are crafted by being ready with the tools to capture them. But, even a paper napkin works, just fine!
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