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Breaking News – Headlines that make News!!

Well, that pulled you in, didn’t it~ that is what a news headline does!

A  News Headline is sort of workhorse - it is used so often when you can present the benefit straightaway. You need not play with words…
Tips to write HeadlinesUse words like:Now, New, Presenting, Introducing, announcing,are newsworthy words - follow with a benefit for the reader.
Be straight and to the point like Phillip Ward Burton suggests:
Finally Ocean Cruises for land lovers (Advertising Copywriting).
Choose new words that suggest - an irresistible offer!
John Capleswas a great advocate of News Headlines (Tested Advertising Methods) Caples had rules for writing headlines, which work even today:

·Make the headline suggest to the reader that here is something that he wants. This is the first and foremost concern that every writer must remember
·He advocated that if there is ‘news’ in your product or when there is a new use for an old product, new product - … put it in the headline ...
·Curiosity combined with news or s…