Monday, May 21, 2012

So you're starting out as copywriter! Few tips that will help you!

If you are starting out fresh start on a SPEC portfolio. Take the best ads or do a little out-of- the -box thinking. Think different. Change your outlook. Turn your ideas upside down. Break a few rules. Squeeze, twist, and stretch the idea upside down when thinking of the concept and soon you’ll get into the groove of delivering the right concept for each of your clients.

There might be changes mostly minor or major. Either ways if you have done your job well then you will want to go that extra-mile. That’s the reason you must research the product, the competition and get details from the client before you start. The brief should be very clear. You take the step to get details or you will end up re-writing over and over! Though believe me all of us do that quite often!
Clients by their nature are very protective about their business and their product. Some clients interfere with everything sometimes giving you the headline or suggesting a line be removed which you know would collapse the copy. '

There are copywriters who do not let a single word be changed; either they have reached the level that they can do this with confidence or then often an egoistic nature comes in the way. a balance is ideal, Stick to what you have written but adjust to certain changes. Anyways, it takes all kinds of people to make Copywriters and CLIENTS!

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