How to write the Question Headline?

Question headlines can get directly to the point with an apt question and the subhead/body copy can answer the question asked in the headline. The question should pique the curiosity of the reader and they should desire to find the answer to the problem.

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.

The ‘Question often known as the How To headline, catches attention easily when you put across what is the ‘discomfort’ the reader is facing! There you have created the most read headline.

  1. How do I save time getting all the dirt out of collars?
  2. How do I make food yummy for my kids?

A subhead could be:
  1. Xyz cuts dirt with dirt magnets Yet won’t fray your collars and clothes
  2.  Just add our Kidz favourite taste maker and watch them go - Mummy it’s Yumeee

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. -Thomas Berger

Tips for writing the Question Headline::
  • Be as close to the problem as possible
  • To ensure the consumer does not lose interest you could have a subhead in a smaller font size and answer the Question.

Sometimes the answer follows in the copy. For this the Question headline must act like a magnet that pulls you to read the copy
Don't believe that people don't read COPY. They do when it is of interest to them. They do not‘by-heart' them, but remember the solution or the gist of what the ad is trying to convince them about. 

So go for the Question headline without fear. I look forward to your questionsJ doubts and queries or just some expression of how this can be better?

*For extra emphasis you could add two Q marks??

Hope you find that crafting the right Question a challenge that is exciting. For Question headlines are extremely effective in reaching the target audience. 


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