Tips before you start your SPEC portfolio - select ads

Get Your foot in the door into the advertising arena

Remember concepts, headlines are magical and have no connection to a fixed, planned strategy. Let go and watch them appear while you’re watching cricket or a movie or a boring serial - in fact never know! So be ready and handy with writing materials or a mobile to jot ideas.

Hopefully you have created headlines from all the categories mentioned by now. If not check them out. And I truly think you could write each ad with headlines from each type of headline. Make this a habit and you will find headlines slipping out when you least expect them.

The trick is to select ads which you feel are not good or ads which you think can be made effective. If you have noted, the reasons why these ads do not fit the criteria of a good ad, then revise them after you have done all the assignments.

First, ask yourself - does the ad have a good USP and clear - benefit of the benefit (which is simply what is the benefit to the customer - of the benefit you are claiming). Complicated, not really! Benefit of the benefit. Simple.

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