How to achieve your New Year Resolutions

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Wish all  a very Happy New Year. Was caught up in the New Year’s dazzling time after Christmas. A few New Year Resolutions made and this year,am choosing a better way to achieve them.. Mine is to get maximum comments on this blog.

This time with my New Year resolutions I have made a small change, because don’t you always find they fall short of reaching the winning post..

So this time I have given them a new twist - have resolved that I will reach out to more clients for advertising jobs and keep a communique with them. I plan to improve my social connect – more friends, more contacts; help others and receive help. Learn to be more tech savvy with help from experts. This way I know exactly what to do to achieve these goals.

A friend of mine decided to drop half a cigarette a day and believes he will reach his. His friends will not force him, but we will be allowed to know the score every month. Fair enough.

So how about some creative stuff this New Year

Creative Session:
Write your resolutions in a creative way add a fun element to it. Use post it notes to yourself and make those creative - yes, stick to your resolutions.


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