Do you need to create LAYOUTS for SPEC AD portfolio

It is not necessary to do the complete layout if you are not an artist – a scribble can be effective as you can check out in Hey, whipple squeeze this and other books on Copywriting. A designer need not write the copy but should be able to write the headline.
But, today, even copywriters conceptualize with images. So learn a little image editing , if you can and try various layout scribbles and  from ads. Take help if needed and mention their names.

Google search, Imagesbazaar, Shutterstock, Flickr (could help with free images) and other such websites help you choose the image you are looking for -  so you can create a complete ad with visuals. Do remember these images are not for public use. These are not free but you could put a scribble or cut out a picture to reflect what you want in the ad. Take permission before you use these images.

Get started with creating your BOOK - your portfolio and then check the ‘how to write your resume’ advice on monster to land an interview. Yes, resumes are to get you the interview and that is one foot in the door. Rest depends on your interview and maybe a copy test.


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