Chapbooks for advertising writing

What is a Chapbook:
The dictionary definition of a chapbook is “a small book or pamphlet containing poems, ballads,
stories, or religious tracts”.The name chapbook comes from many years ago when street vendors called "chapmen" (tradesman) sold inexpensive paperback booklets in the streets of villages, hamlets and towns. 
Learn to create a chapbook and use it for your advertising collection

Today a chapbook is used to define a book you store your cuttings of ads, articles, poems writing pieces for future reference and for inspiration. While doing creative advertising writing you should keep a journal and a chap book to collect your good, bad ads, great picture cuttings, and while it is filling up...  add - your headlines, creative ideas, prompts, your spec portfolio concepts... and collect famous taglines. Write them in a book or keep a folder of ads, headlines, taglines, direct mailers, brochures, even greetings you like. Cut out interesting visuals. In your folder craft your own take-offs on famous headlines. To cut your teeth on. Then take off with original headlines, taglines...

So basically it's no more a tiny book of poetry but a very important book for your growing passion for advertising writing.

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