Write a Testimonial Headline

Testimonial Headlines:

When users say positive things about a product then the ad becomes more believable. This is the Testimonial type of headline. You find very often celebrities are  used to do  testimonials but if you have: A person who can say that he likes the product/service, and, who will testify to the reason why the product works for him/her! Then go ahead , use them to get a winning headline!

The Testimonial Headline is a very popular type of headline and very effective if it is believable and of course, nothing succeeds like word-of-mouth! Testimonial advertising is like: word-of-mouth publicity! It includes every type of product/service. We will work on FMCG (fast moving consumer goods and 'White' goods

1.     FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) like tea, coffee, chocolate, consumer items of daily use, cosmetics, perfume, which are bought often like:Complan, Horlicks, Cadbury’s, Himalaya face wash, Nivea for Men, Herbal Range, Body Shop products, Dove soap, Garnier Deos… there are so many brands that you can choose from.

2.     White Goods – like a TV, Computer, Refrigerator, - things you usually change once in few years, normally!! Sony LED, Whirlpool Refrigerator Lenovo laptops, Galaxy tab mobile, iPhone, iPad , Kindle so on and so forth

  • Find their current ads or old ads and see how you would change it into a testimonial one!

Among these products, choose one that you do not use! Yes, choose one that you detest or dislike for some reason! Find your 'reason-why' and sell it!! This makes working on advertising, so exciting!

But, to make it successful you must:
  •  Research and understand why others are buying this particular product...
  • Test the product get a first hand view from a user
  • Find that special benefit to use in the headline.
The Next step is choose your celebrity or brand ambassador or an average user, as you deem fit for the product! For now, you could stick to these two categories (fmcg or white goods). Then, do as many categories as you can!

Creative Session: If you have done the write dialogues prompt and other prompts then testimonial headlines will be a piece of cake ! Since, you would have studied different people by now and started a story – and now we have gone into the minds to imagine what a person really thinks while doing something as mundane as shopping. Therefore, the words in the headline copy for testimonial ads would be what that target segment would use!.You have dialogue practice or you could do some of the sessions before you try this type of headline.

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