Fiction from real life!

Today, when you read the newspapers – there’s more bad news than good, nowadays. I always think to read the NP in the afternoon but it never works. Habits are hard to change, some of them, at least. But, I did read somewhere that if you are singular about the change for ten days without a break, you could change a habit! Could you?

I just want to pose a Question here Are we getting innured by the violence and tragedies around us? Was it the reason people stand back and watch while people are being killed or have an accident? Why? Thought provoking, isn’t it Sometimes you wonder what really happened before an incident took place.

This session we will add to our creative prompt characterization.

Creative Prompt:

Write the diary of one of these real life characters and taking the essence of what you research about the character
How would he think?
Why does his mind work like that?
What could his childhood be like?
Did he go to college?
What about his family?
Does he have a job?
What are his relations with them?

After you develop a summary of this character, write the diary of this character. Get into the mind of a person and see what you discover. The character you choose could be someone you admire.
Once you’re done, you could even get a plot for a thriller short story or book! Use an active voice and 'show not tell' - excepting sight use all your other sense or rather see though your other senses

Have a gr8 day! Have Fun!

If you want to post your creative queries or your work in the comments box.. I am writing a diary of the fictional reader but have no idea or clue...he he!


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