Stop it is a - teaser headline

Teaser headlines stop readers in their tracks! They capture attention in this fast moving capital world (fmcg)… Teaser headline could be useful especially for a launch product or any product that needs attention grabbing… The teaser headline builds up excitement in the reader through a funny word, an attention grabbing word, leaving a sentence incomplete…You could make the ad do a headstand, make it slant, huge, tiny….literally tease!

The teaser headline is like playing Russian roulette, .for if you lose the reader in the headline…he will not read the copy. So be really smart, innovative, creative and funny…Try out various alternatives before you stick to one you are sure will grab attention.

Unlike in our news, testimonial, direct, directive or other headlines, here, we do not offer the benefit in the headline, in fact we lead the reader into the copy out of sheer curiousity or excitement to know more… and they should not be disappointed.

Direct Mailers or E-mailers use Teaser headlines effectively in the envelope/subject line, to make an invite or communication more interesting.

Teaser Headline:
Buy no car…until tomorrow!
(Reveal the product on the next day)

Creative Prompt:


Use this word as a teaser headline. For which product and how would you reveal this teaser. Try it for over six brands (check out some new brands or invent them)


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