Say it direct - the power of Directive headlines

Directive headlines get readers to act - you need to give them a nudge. Retail advertisers or local advertisers often use this approach... Perishable goods  or FMCG goods - the directive headline works great!  There are two ways of using the directive headline: the command and suggestion, choose the right one for the right audience and product!

1.     Command – an outright command where you ask for an action boldly

2.     Suggestion – Here you use persuasion to get a response. This type of Directive headlines is more successful rather then barking a command for the reader might reject it.

After all, we all have had enough of commands form parents, teachers, elders… which we listen to. But, the customer has to be treated right. However, sometimes a command could be used:

You can stop her from staying hungry

Look closely. Your eyes are telling you something (for fine wrinkle lines, or dull, tired eyes)
Learn Computers on your own

One famous directive headline:

Moving? Make sure the -- moves with you

Shifting. Move with Movers and Shifters!

When a company says: When Greyhound says:
 Next time you take the bus, leave the driving to us - it is not immediate action, but, later. or in the future!

FMCG will give you good practice. Remember to make them Interesting!

Have fun! And, a great day!


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