Hornblowing or mind blowing headline

The Hornblowing or Brag and Boast headline comes lowest among possible choices for headlines. However, you will find this headline in advertising more than you think Go easy on the superlatives is a common tip given by the greats but facts speak otherwise.

Look at real life – don’t we boast about something we cherish or pride -  ourselves, or  family – we do albeit mostly with a little restraint. Advertisers often go full throttle to say: Most Luxurious Very Affordable The finest wine since---Amazingly cheap .

Some famous ones from Advertising Copywriting - Phillip Ward Burton are:
Oil of Olay. Amazing. And, still ahead of time. Often imitated…never duplicated. If the product is superior and has these qualities, why shouldn't the manufacturer say it? Why hide under a bushel and couch it. Say it confidently.

However, it is better to research whether this can withstand competition slashing it with a counter ad. Avoid saying Lavish when the product is a tacky product/service. If using the hornblowing headline, use it with dignity and grace.

The body copy should give the reasons why this product is amazing, incomparable, lavish or any adjective you can use for this bold headline. Hornblowing headlines claim to be the No#1. On the other hand – Avis Rentals used We’re # 2. We try harder. In this competitive world, if you already attained the status why not, say it with pride and be ready to support or defend your claim.

 Some hornblowing headlines veer toward an opinion like:
You’re not fully clean unless you’re zestfully clean. 
This car will change the way you measure luxury

Do you find these headlines believable? I would say proof of the pudding is in eating it! If you have doubts, first try out if other headlines work better.

Creative Prompt: Copywriting or Advertising writing is about knowing your tools so sharpen them, since whenever you use it, let it be with confidence.
Write seven hornblowing headlines for products with some exclusive claim. Use new adjectives other than the overly used Amazing, Wow etc


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