It's all about Emotional Headlines

Emotional Headlines

This kind of headline speaks directly to the target audience, appealing to his emotions. Use a direct or an indirect approach. Quite like the News Headline, (which we have spoken about in an earlier creative session), the direct approach gives the clear benefit only this time it’s about touching the emotions. News headlines are more practical in approach.

Direct Emotional Headline:

A direct emotional appeal along with the benefit should be clear to the reader and should touch his feelings! This type of headline has a direct effect on making an impact; indirect is more of an attention grabber!

A perfume that brings back the romance…

Indirect Emotional headline has no direct benefit but attaches importance to the reader’s feelings or fear/worry. It should entice the reader to read the offer or the solution to the problem he/she feels.

Indirect uses the emotional appeal that would grab the attention instantly but needs further explaining in the subhead or body copy. Use a real benefit not an unbelievable/ made up appeal

Will she come out with me? (Most products use emotions to touch the reader).

Choose the right approach that suits your product...and you'll get a winning 'Emotional Headline'!

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