How to write the Question Headline?

A tagline is one that is memorable, catchy and says in essence what your product/service or company is all about. To write your tagline:

  • ·        Sum up in short the features that separate it from other products.
  • ·        Make it catchy

A tagline rarely changes and so it is very important to craft it carefully. Right now, have fun coming up with delightful taglines...

Check the famous ones:post a few of your own

Just Do It (Nike - of course) 

7 Up (broke the clutter with) The Uncola

Where is the beef?  Wendys - is one very famous tagline. 

Avis Car rentals - We're #2, we try harder

Intel Inside

Plop, plop; fizz, fizz; oh, what a relief it is. - Alka Seltzer(it can be as catchy as a rhyme)

A Diamond is forever - De Beers

Life's good - LG

Yellow Pages: Let your fingers do the walking

McDonalds - I'm lovin it

BMW - Sheer driving pleasure

I am a Complan boy/girl

Mentos - Dimaag ki batti jala de (lights up your ideas _ a translation)

Sprite - Clear hai (it's clear)

Mountain Dew - kyon ki dar ke aage jeet hai(there is victory beyond fear)

Fill in the blanks:
Don't ----- ---- without it -  which  brand obviously you guessed - so you know how important a tagline is

Though normally taglines do not change there are times when the company decides to change it for business reasons…



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