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Re-charge - ad prompt

Creative Ad Prompt:

Here is an ad - prompt with the headline given  below and you have to create an ad with the visual and tagline created by you.

Headline: Re-Charge
Tagline : you have to write this  To know  more about taglines - Click here

Product: Branded Fruit Juice (choose any)

Write the USP that you think is perfect for the brand, but keep the headline the same:

Once you have done with this headline - write different types of headlines - straight, direct, directive, news, emotional, testimonial, teaser headlines for the product. Check the different types of headlines here.

learn2writeeasy to advertisingwriting

learn2writeasy is now for that's what I know best and the rest are what stoke the fire for advertising. If you have a lot of hobbies , love the movies, commercials (yup!) music of every genre, BOOKS of course; are interested in everything...a sort of jack of all trades and  want to be master of one(or two!); then get new ideas to explore and hone your talents.
Build your portfolio as you g

Coining new Words

This is a fun  prompt and very useful in creating new words ! As a kid it was fun doing the ...I love xyz product because...

Wanna try  I love Creative Writing because...

Creative Prompt:

Mix words like: super, fabulous, fantastic, scintillating, yummy etc. with Skin, delicious, innocence
Create new words that can be used in advertising writing!
e.g. yummylicious :)
Have Fun!

Change the lyrics n dialogues

Creative Session  Choose any song and change the lyrics of the second stanza! It should meld (blend) with the rest of the song! Or work on the Chris Brown song All about You How did you get so young
I heard you were born today
Heard that you came and found
The sky and I just wanna say
Look up the world is glad here to stay
Have fun is time to give another day
Sometimes the fire gets in your way
That ain't nothing
You can't blow away

So make a wish
I will have one too
I wish I can stay with you
Wish you knew
How... wishes to come true
It's all about you
It's all about you

It's all about you (repeat) Lyrics from: