Wanna Be A Copywriter?!?

Yes! Then learn about what makes a copywriter tick. What are the tips and tricks and the skills you need to become one.It isn't as difficult as you think, In fact - it is easy @ advertisingwriting

Is there a place you can learn advertising and copywriting in particular?

Check out if courses are available near you. In India , Mica Ahmedabad conducts 'Crafting Creative Communications' at Ahmedabad. Then there are other courses like 'Whistling Woods', Mumbai, who conduct diplomas. There are workshops conducted all over the world and if you can attend them. They charge you fees but you get to create a campaign and guidance will be provided by an expert. A creative course is available at 3 A’s of I (Cuffe Parade, Mumbai) or at a centre near you.

If you want to check whether the career is for you or just want to explore writing - stay here and get lead into the secrets of advertising  copywriting, step by step!

If you follow the creative sessions sincerely then soon you will be a pro in writing headlines, copy, taglines, mailers, create campaigns for different media... So build your portfolio - learn and step into any agency with confidence or start your own agency after you learn the ropes.

Copywriting Books to read  Apart from John Caples, Ogilvy, these books are a must read for a budding copywriter The Copywriter’s Handbook - Most popular and a ‘bible’ for copywriters. Learn the rules and apply them. You also get detail info about press releases, email, direct marketing, online …One of the finest…! Robert W. Bly Write to sell –the ultimate guide to great copywriting by Andy Malsen. Learn the basics with this book - power packed with tips!

You can find all these books at Amazon at reasonable prices. You could also check out other shops. Try any roadside vendor, you never know where you get a good deal. But read the reviews online and buy them. You need to have a reference at all times. Caples, Whipple Squeeze These are my favourites and Kleppner for understanding advertising procedure and how a campaign is created.


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