Read, Read and read more!

Reading must be a passion. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help, inspiring books, the Bible should be on the list for other reasons, too. Spiritual and filled with parables it has been inspiration to millions. Read books on the Buddha, and other spiritual teachings. Knowledge is your only weapon in advertising, so keep your mind open and unprejudiced.

Read books on advertising like John Caples, Ogilvy, Bernbach - learn the basics from them.
 Hey, Whipple Squeeze This, is my favorite so is Philip Ward Burton Advertising Writing. Later you could add Otto Kleppner - Advertising Procedure. .

There are also creative books like - A whack on the side of your head

Keep reading everything you get your hands on. Magazines, newspapers, websites, fiction, non-fiction books even comics, you'll find them an important part of  seeing what others do not and that's the biggest plus point of being a copywriter - coming out with out-of-the-box ideas and concepts.

Hobbies – learning new ones and keeping on with the ones you have. Watching plays, theatre, movies of all genre is a fun thing to do and very much part of your job in advertising. Creativity begets creativity.

Most important is being relaxed and calm. Success will come – just be patient and grab every opportunity to do practical jobs. Don’t let money come in the way of making your portfolio. But, be aware or you’ll be paid peanuts.

So start with reading and doing creative exercises.


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