Benefit of writing the Right Headline - the right way!‘

Writing Headlines

What would make you shell out money to buy the product? What is the ‘Reason Why’ or what is the ‘Benefit of the benefit’! As it is often said in advertising parlance -  Sell the sizzle not the steak! People are not looking for a TV per se; they are looking to enhance their viewing pleasure, they are looking for features, they are looking for so on and so forth.


  • Do not sacrifice quality for trying to write a clever headline! Express your idea even if it takes more words.
  • Sometimes brevity is necessary yet, see that your ‘reason why’ is expressed well!
  • Similarly, when a short headline is apt like when the size of the ad is small. Or the visual chosen needs just a few words…just do it!
  • See that the meaning is clear…for e.g. ‘David dropped Goliath’ either David picked Goliath and threw him down. It could also mean David knocked out Goliath or David felled Goliath (John Caples)

Shortlist for Headlines:

  • Get the ‘reason why’ clear...
  • Write down the benefit.
  • Compare them with those of the competitor and choose the one that is ‘key’ to your brand!

 Then start writing the headlines.

You have the checklist of types of headlines… Try headlines in each of the ‘type’ and see how headlines will fly off your mind…once you get into the groove ideas and headlines will itch to be written down.

 Do not stop them or analyze them. Once you have written them, check them with the USP – the feature that you have chosen to sell the brand… the one that will get the sales or whatever the purpose of the advertisement for your client. Nothing is more important. Not winning a Cannes award or any other award(sour grapes)!

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