Breaking News – Headlines that make News!!

Well, that pulled you in, didn’t it~ that is what a news headline does!

A  News Headline is sort of workhorse - it is used so often when you can present the benefit straightaway. You need not play with words…

Tips to write Headlines

Use words like: Now, New, Presenting, Introducing, announcing, are newsworthy words - follow with a benefit for the reader.

Be straight and to the point like Phillip Ward Burton suggests:
Finally Ocean Cruises for land lovers (Advertising Copywriting).
Choose new words that suggest - an irresistible offer!

John Caples was a great advocate of News Headlines (Tested Advertising Methods) Caples had rules for writing headlines, which work even today:

·       Make the headline suggest to the reader that here is something that he wants. This is the first and foremost concern that every writer must remember

·       He advocated that if there is ‘news’ in your product or when there is a new use for an old product, new product - … put it in the headline ...

·       Curiosity combined with news or self-interest is effective and should be of interest to the reader to move to the copy or the offer…

·       Negative headlines that make the picture dreary, gloomy or sad should be avoided! So, Be Positive

·       The headline should immediately suggest the advantage or benefit to the reader.

Be fresh and original...And, ENJOY the process.

When you have to announce a new feature, have an unbelievable offer; when you have the selling points - you could reach the ‘action’ (AIDA) part of an ad very fast! However, this must be true and believable. Do a little research, ask friends, family about their views - often you will find you get the true picture from the buyers and they could be someone you know!

Wherever you see a good picture, a good quotation, metaphors, idioms, poems, pictures from your creative sessions, family fun times, friends, college, work - Save it. Note it or make a scribble! When, an idea hits you -- drop everything to write it, even if it is on a tissue at a restaurant or a poster on your wall or your mobile! IDEAS do not stay and you never know which one will be useful; it could come while watching a movie, as a dialogue, in a story, while reading a book, a line on a hoarding or on the back of a truck…learn to see them with a discerning eye.

Observe. Observe. Observe! It is easy once you are in the groove of absorbing  the finer nuances from everything that is part of your life. Travel; go to the theatre; read authors from your country apart from world writers. You will find treasures in famous writings, films, music, and everyday life, of course.

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