Write Headlines with a visual prompt

Now that we know the types of headlines, let us learn to create - creative headlines with a random visual prompt

1. If you have been, doing your photography exercises you could choose one of those pictures. Use the image as a visual and write a headline for it

The product: A Sports Shoe

2. Take the USP of the product and merge it with the image. Your theme and USP decide the headline. Write the headlines with this as your hook…or helper(the image)

For example if you have ‘window’ as your image for the– sports shoe (product)

  • Think and jot down your ideas however wild they may seem, now! Leave it alone for a while; then, sort the ideas and choose one!
For e.g.  Window - view, glass, close, open, shut, beyond, neighbors, wall, building, curtains come to mind. Try it; you might be surprised at the words that jump out of your out-of-the-box mind.

  • After you choose an image and merge it with the USP go ahead and  create headline/s
For e.g. if your USP is ‘lightweight yet sturdy’ and your cues are neighbors, shut, wall then check the direction the headline takes.
1. If you have chosen ‘neighbors’, you could say - Watch them envy your stamina!
2. Shut: Open up to success

Here we haven’t used the word shut. That is the trick to good headlines! Surprise yourself with exploring new tracks. Don't stick to expected routes. Take off into new directions.

3. Wall (using what comes to mind associating with wall)
Hit off to a whole new road.

Tagline : XYZ Shoes – the right choice in Sports shoes

 Free Writing helps you with writing headlines

Keep up with the diary writing jotting ideas, observations and never forget FREE WRITING!

Even if you had to do this exercise, and were stuck with, say the word beyond. Free write about it for some time and stop in five minutes – time it. The five minutes is so that you just write as it comes to you without stopping to think or analyze… Every Exercise will be helpful, so keep practicing them..

Keep a journal and make it your reference on how you develop over a course of time! I find writing on the computer while free writing with the monitor off, a great way to focus without checking on what  I am writing. See what works for you.

Take off on your own route. Have Fun! Always!

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