Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to make a Collage!

Creative Session

  • Start a collage. Choose a theme. Use various textures, pics, drawings. You could do this project digitally or through any medium, you are comfortable.

 Make it an ongoing project and let your imagination go - out-of-the-box! Start collecting your stuff: cuttings, fabric, bits or rope, glitter, newspaper, sketches, bead, baubles, textures, shapes.. Have fun!.

  •  Plus, start with photographing odd-looking shapes in nature…it will help in shaping your collage! Photography is an excellent medium to capture candid moments that you experience and will help in sharpening your creativity.

How to write a story by Mary Caroll Moore is the creative exercises that are wonderful for sharpening the creative tools be it for a book, for writing ...very interesting

check this site:log:

And if you plan to catch up on movies, serials catch up on them and note the ads.. carefully

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