Experience at the mall - creative dialogues

Creative Session 
  • When you go into a mall, visit various outlets and watch people interacting with each other. How they meet or avoid each other…and don’t forget catch pieces of dialogue and piece them together and fill in what the person on the other side is saying…or mix up two people talking mix their dialogues, add your own and you have a scene written…Write about your ‘Experience at the Mall’


Lady:” you promised, you’ll reach sharp at 7”

“Crazy yaa the prices are..”

Other side..Traffic held me up!

Lady: Yaa so wat do I do now

”This guy is a dude”

Other side “wait at the coffee shop, I’ll be there...”

”Let him come”
Lady:” No I’ll be at ‘body shop..”

”She won’t let me hold the baby”

Other side:”Ok I’ll meet u there...”

Hmmm you could spice it up or make it hilarious
Try telling it to a friend

This week: The world is a collage of various arts, crafts and culture. Choose any of these and write about it…


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