Start Writing without fear

Writer’s block or the inability to start or continue writing has troubled even famous writers. Writers find solutions in going for a walk, travelling, going to a favourite place to eat, trekking, painting, sports, cooking, playing a favourite instrument and anything that has - nothing to do with the actual process of writing.

Free writing – our brain warming exercise

Creativity in itself opens up your mind, but when you open a page…what if:

• You’re full of ideas and don’t know where to start
• You’re still not sure what you want to write
• You’re blank
Believe me any of these reasons are often true, for all writers.

So enjoy – giving your mind a free reign. Happy Writing or should I say Happy Free writing!

Creative Session: 

Free write with the prompts heart, friends, or take any word and start. Remember once you start do notstop till your timer rings at 5 minutes.



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