I know you are craving to get to start writing headlines and rightly so...

It is the most exciting part of an ad.…and the most important...

First Impressions are crucial in every ad

The benefit (USP) should be clear through the headline.

Check if you are following the AIDA formula:

Attention of the target audience

Interest into reading further

The copy does the work of convincing with



Creative Session

Write down the various elements of the ad - the headline, tagline, logo, body copy, visuals...

Check on your collection of ads and rewrite the headlines.

Do you consider it a good ad - would you bite the bait if you had to buy the product??

Does it create the desire, after catching your attention and will you take action…?

Analyze every ad/hoarding/TV commercial, mailers and make notes …so you can check later the change in your attitude and as you gain an insight – see how your perceptions change!

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