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Mix fiction prompts and it's a whole new story!

Creative Session:

The fiction prompts As they sat down, she felt something cold against her rib…Suddenly, she racked her brains to remember; she had to  Once you write the fiction prompts, if you have done both of them - you could try mixing the stories and create one...make it hilarious. It must be a hoot. You can post it here.

Experience at the mall - creative dialogues

Creative Session  When you go into a mall, visit various outlets and watch people interacting with each other. How they meet or avoid each other…and don’t forget catch pieces of dialogue and piece them together and fill in what the person on the other side is saying…or mix up two people talking mix their dialogues, add your own and you have a scene written…Write about your ‘Experience at the Mall’

Lady:” you promised, you’ll reach sharp at 7”
“Crazy yaa the prices are..”
 body Other side..Traffic held me up!
Lady: Yaa so wat do I do now
”This guy is a dude”
Other side “wait at the coffee shop, I’ll be there...”
”Let him come” Lady:” No I’ll be at ‘body shop..”
”She won’t let me hold the baby”
Other side:”Ok I’ll meet u there...”
Hmmm you could spice it up or make it hilarious Try telling it to a friend
This week: The world is a collage of various arts, crafts and culture. Choose any of these and write about it…

Get ready for fiction writing!

Creative Session:

Writing prompts for fiction writing. Write a short story or develop it into a longer one. The idea is still to get ideas and free the brain off any clutter. Try these:
As they sat down, she felt something cold against her rib…
Suddenly, she racked her brains to remember; she had to save…
You have to end the story here. Complete the prompt given as you write the story.

·Write a beautiful message - a belated Festive greeting

How to make a Collage!

Creative Session

Start a collage. Choose a theme. Use various textures, pics, drawings. You could do this project digitally or through any medium, you are comfortable.
 Make it an ongoing project and let your imagination go - out-of-the-box! Start collecting your stuff: cuttings, fabric, bits or rope, glitter, newspaper, sketches, bead, baubles, textures, shapes.. Have fun!.

Plus, start with photographing odd-looking shapes in nature…it will help in shaping your collage! Photography is an excellent medium to capture candid moments that you experience and will help in sharpening your creativity.
How to write a story by Mary Caroll Moore is the creative exercises that are wonderful for sharpening the creative tools be it for a book, for writing ...very interesting

check this site:log:

And if you plan to catch up on movies, serials catch up on them and note the ads.. carefully

Write the dialogues for a scene?

Creating your story characters come from observing real life and your imagination. Writing dialogues makes a story more interesting. This prompt write might lead to your writing your short story - fiction! Or you could just have fun! With a few questions you could create an interesting character and use them in a story. A short story for starters!

Creative prompt for Writing Dialogues
Look at the picture and write a dialogue going on in the minds of these women as they shop for groceries. Don't stick to regular things. 
Imagine their home and backgrounds and create a character sketch for both 
What's going on in their minds..? Where do they live? Who are their family members?What do they do?Where are they coming from? Are they home-makers or working women?What would you find in their purses?What would they buy depending on the role you have chosen?What is going on in the minds of these women apart from shopping?Now imagine that these women turned to each other. What would the dia…

Read, Read and read more!

Reading must be a passion. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help, inspiring books, the Bible should be on the list for other reasons, too. Spiritual and filled with parables it has been inspiration to millions. Read books on the Buddha, and other spiritual teachings. Knowledge is your only weapon in advertising, so keep your mind open and unprejudiced.

Read books on advertising like John Caples, Ogilvy, Bernbach - learn the basics from them.
Hey, Whipple Squeeze This, is my favorite so is Philip Ward Burton Advertising Writing. Later you could add Otto Kleppner - Advertising Procedure. .

There are also creative books like - A whack on the side of your head

Keep reading everything you get your hands on. Magazines, newspapers, websites, fiction, non-fiction books even comics, you'll find them an important part of  seeing what others do not and that's the biggest plus point of being a copywriter - coming out with out-of-the-box ideas and concepts.

Hobbies – learning new on…

Start Writing without fear

Writer’s block or the inability to start or continue writing has troubled even famous writers. Writers find solutions in going for a walk, travelling, going to a favourite place to eat, trekking, painting, sports, cooking, playing a favourite instrument and anything that has - nothing to do with the actual process of writing.

Free writing – our brain warming exercise

Creativity in itself opens up your mind, but when you open a page…what if:

• You’re full of ideas and don’t know where to start
• You’re still not sure what you want to write
• You’re blank
Believe me any of these reasons are often true, for all writers.

So enjoy – giving your mind a free reign. Happy Writing or should I say Happy Free writing!

Creative Session: 

Free write with the prompts heart, friends, or take any word and start. Remember once you start do notstop till your timer rings at 5 minutes.