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Here’s a Season’s greeting prompt. This prompt uses the Christmas season panorama but you use no images of Christmas.
The product - a Furniture Showroom. The layout of the ad or the fonts can express the Christmassy theme but remember – no using words or images of Santa, reindeers, tree, no crib, no silent night…no saying Happy Christmas(tough one, albeit challenging).
 Do the ad with this theme. You could make it a full-page ad.
You could Free-write (hope you‘re keeping up the good work) on the words d├ęcor, celebration, frankincense, holly, wood. 5 minutes and your time starts NOW!
Happy writing and Merry Christmas!

Stop it is a - teaser headline

Teaser headlines stop readers in their tracks! They capture attention in this fast moving capital world (fmcg)… Teaser headline could be useful especially for a launch product or any product that needs attention grabbing… The teaser headline builds up excitement in the reader through a funny word, an attention grabbing word, leaving a sentence incomplete…You could make the ad do a headstand, make it slant, huge, tiny….literally tease!
The teaser headline is like playing Russian roulette, .for if you lose the reader in the headline…he will not read the copy. So be really smart, innovative, creative and funny…Try out various alternatives before you stick to one you are sure will grab attention.
Unlike in our news, testimonial, direct, directive or other headlines, here, we do not offer the benefit in the headline, in fact we lead the reader into the copy out of sheer curiousity or excitement to know more… and they should not be disappointed.
Direct Mailers or E-mailers use Teaser headlines…

Hornblowing or mind blowing headline

The Hornblowing or Brag and Boast headline comes lowest among possible choices for headlines. However, you will find this headline in advertising more than you think Go easy on the superlatives is a common tip given by the greats but facts speak otherwise.

Look at real life – don’t we boast about something we cherish or pride -  ourselves, or  family – we do albeit mostly with a little restraint. Advertisers often go full throttle to say: Most Luxurious Very Affordable The finest wine since---Amazingly cheap .

Some famous ones from Advertising Copywriting - Phillip Ward Burton are:
Oil of Olay. Amazing. And, still ahead of time. Often imitated…never duplicated. If the product is superior and has these qualities, why shouldn't the manufacturer say it? Why hide under a bushel and couch it. Say it confidently.

However, it is better to research whether this can withstand competition slashing it with a counter ad. Avoid saying Lavish when the product is a tacky product/service. If using t…

How to write Lifestyle Headlines

The aspirations of a target segment gave birth to the Lifestyle or the aspirational Headline. Cars, fabrics, clothes, shoes, real estate,  often use this type of headline.
Every target segment has an aspirational lifestyle 
As wiki explains:* In consumer marketing, an aspirational brand (or product) means a large segment of its exposure audience wishes to own it, but for economical reasons cannot. An aspirational product implies certain positive characteristics to the user, but the supply appears limited due to limited production quantities....
Plus, too many competitors with the same advantages or USP calls for a Lifestyle headline.  When there are too many similarities or the product is a generic one - maybe a car or a bubble gum - to differentiate you need to find a reason why and that’s when you reach for a lifestyle or aspirational headline. And, when the product is exclusive to a target segment then the lifestyle headline could be the choice headline.
Many brands use Live Life Kings…

Fiction from real life!

Today, when you read the newspapers – there’s more bad news than good, nowadays. I always think to read the NP in the afternoon but it never works. Habits are hard to change, some of them, at least. But, I did read somewhere that if you are singular about the change for ten days without a break, you could change a habit! Could you?
I just want to pose a Question here Are we getting innured by the violence and tragedies around us? Was it the reason people stand back and watch while people are being killed or have an accident? Why? Thought provoking, isn’t it Sometimes you wonder what really happened before an incident took place.
This session we will add to our creative prompt characterization.
Creative Prompt:
Write the diary of one of these real life characters and taking the essence of what you research about the character How would he think? Why does his mind work like that? What could his childhood be like? School? Did he go to college? What about his family? Does he have a job? …

Feedback on advertisingwriting

Are you having a problem in viewing The backdrop changes because I am not sure which one is preferred by my readers.

From www.learn2writeeasy to www.advertisingwriting is a step I took to make it easy for Advertising Copywriting and Creative Writing learners together. A wider audience means it will be easier to share and learn... This is a  free online creative writing course, so no worries there!

You could check out my portfolio on

Play cat and mouse

Creative writing prompt:

Imagine two animals maybe a cat and a dog; a squirrel and a mouse are fighting for the same scraps and want to prove their right to have it. Use any excuse but something that should shut the other animal  up and cause him to slink away… meanwhile the prey has vanished….
Write this in dialogue form and make it as crazy as possible. Speak through the animal’s voice. Decide its tone of voice - is it is weak, strong, a loser - for each animal. Choose your point of view.

Bonus:You get to write both POV (points of view)!
Can you post this one? Muster up some courage - nobody is going to bite you.:) It would be great fun. 

Re-charge - ad prompt

Creative Ad Prompt:

Here is an ad - prompt with the headline given  below and you have to create an ad with the visual and tagline created by you.

Headline: Re-Charge
Tagline : you have to write this  To know  more about taglines - Click here

Product: Branded Fruit Juice (choose any)

Write the USP that you think is perfect for the brand, but keep the headline the same:

Once you have done with this headline - write different types of headlines - straight, direct, directive, news, emotional, testimonial, teaser headlines for the product. Check the different types of headlines here.

learn2writeeasy to advertisingwriting

learn2writeasy is now for that's what I know best and the rest are what stoke the fire for advertising. If you have a lot of hobbies , love the movies, commercials (yup!) music of every genre, BOOKS of course; are interested in everything...a sort of jack of all trades and  want to be master of one(or two!); then get new ideas to explore and hone your talents.
Build your portfolio as you g

Coining new Words

This is a fun  prompt and very useful in creating new words ! As a kid it was fun doing the ...I love xyz product because...

Wanna try  I love Creative Writing because...

Creative Prompt:

Mix words like: super, fabulous, fantastic, scintillating, yummy etc. with Skin, delicious, innocence
Create new words that can be used in advertising writing!
e.g. yummylicious :)
Have Fun!

Change the lyrics n dialogues

Creative Session  Choose any song and change the lyrics of the second stanza! It should meld (blend) with the rest of the song! Or work on the Chris Brown song All about You How did you get so young
I heard you were born today
Heard that you came and found
The sky and I just wanna say
Look up the world is glad here to stay
Have fun is time to give another day
Sometimes the fire gets in your way
That ain't nothing
You can't blow away

So make a wish
I will have one too
I wish I can stay with you
Wish you knew
How... wishes to come true
It's all about you
It's all about you

It's all about you (repeat) Lyrics from:

Rewrite commercials

Creative Session

Note the ads on television - how it starts , the props, the tone of voice and write how the ad is made. Can you do better!

 Write it with a change in it - let it have your sensibilities. Keep collecting your cuttings and mark what you feel is the ads benefit/s or maybe we'll keep that for later...



I know you are craving to get to start writing headlines and rightly so...

It is the most exciting part of an ad.…and the most important...

First Impressions are crucial in every ad

The benefit (USP) should be clear through the headline.

Check if you are following the AIDA formula:

Attention of the target audience

Interest into reading further

The copy does the work of convincing with



Creative Session

Write down the various elements of the ad - the headline, tagline, logo, body copy, visuals...

Check on your collection of ads and rewrite the headlines.

Do you consider it a good ad - would you bite the bait if you had to buy the product??

Does it create the desire, after catching your attention and will you take action…?

Analyze every ad/hoarding/TV commercial, mailers and make notes …so you can check later the change in your attitude and as you gain an insight – see how your perceptions change!

# footer

Re-write a TVC - exchange scripts!!

Here is an interesting prompt

Take any ad commercial say for e.g Maggi sauces 'Tamarind 'Sauce with Javed Jafferey the tamarind pichkoo sauce and use the script or the lines spoken for an Insurance Ad.

See that it is humorous, yet makes sense! or choose any English/language commercial on your favourite channel and complete this prompt!

This prompt helps you observe a commercial's dialogues and when you change it to suit another product/service - you are in fact learning to write a commercial.

Good Luck. Hope you have fun!

Mix fiction prompts and it's a whole new story!

Creative Session:

The fiction prompts As they sat down, she felt something cold against her rib…Suddenly, she racked her brains to remember; she had to  Once you write the fiction prompts, if you have done both of them - you could try mixing the stories and create one...make it hilarious. It must be a hoot. You can post it here.

Experience at the mall - creative dialogues

Creative Session  When you go into a mall, visit various outlets and watch people interacting with each other. How they meet or avoid each other…and don’t forget catch pieces of dialogue and piece them together and fill in what the person on the other side is saying…or mix up two people talking mix their dialogues, add your own and you have a scene written…Write about your ‘Experience at the Mall’

Lady:” you promised, you’ll reach sharp at 7”
“Crazy yaa the prices are..”
 body Other side..Traffic held me up!
Lady: Yaa so wat do I do now
”This guy is a dude”
Other side “wait at the coffee shop, I’ll be there...”
”Let him come” Lady:” No I’ll be at ‘body shop..”
”She won’t let me hold the baby”
Other side:”Ok I’ll meet u there...”
Hmmm you could spice it up or make it hilarious Try telling it to a friend
This week: The world is a collage of various arts, crafts and culture. Choose any of these and write about it…

Get ready for fiction writing!

Creative Session:

Writing prompts for fiction writing. Write a short story or develop it into a longer one. The idea is still to get ideas and free the brain off any clutter. Try these:
As they sat down, she felt something cold against her rib…
Suddenly, she racked her brains to remember; she had to save…
You have to end the story here. Complete the prompt given as you write the story.

·Write a beautiful message - a belated Festive greeting

How to make a Collage!

Creative Session

Start a collage. Choose a theme. Use various textures, pics, drawings. You could do this project digitally or through any medium, you are comfortable.
 Make it an ongoing project and let your imagination go - out-of-the-box! Start collecting your stuff: cuttings, fabric, bits or rope, glitter, newspaper, sketches, bead, baubles, textures, shapes.. Have fun!.

Plus, start with photographing odd-looking shapes in nature…it will help in shaping your collage! Photography is an excellent medium to capture candid moments that you experience and will help in sharpening your creativity.
How to write a story by Mary Caroll Moore is the creative exercises that are wonderful for sharpening the creative tools be it for a book, for writing ...very interesting

check this site:log:

And if you plan to catch up on movies, serials catch up on them and note the ads.. carefully

Write the dialogues for a scene?

Creating your story characters come from observing real life and your imagination. Writing dialogues makes a story more interesting. This prompt write might lead to your writing your short story - fiction! Or you could just have fun! With a few questions you could create an interesting character and use them in a story. A short story for starters!

Creative prompt for Writing Dialogues
Look at the picture and write a dialogue going on in the minds of these women as they shop for groceries. Don't stick to regular things. 
Imagine their home and backgrounds and create a character sketch for both 
What's going on in their minds..? Where do they live? Who are their family members?What do they do?Where are they coming from? Are they home-makers or working women?What would you find in their purses?What would they buy depending on the role you have chosen?What is going on in the minds of these women apart from shopping?Now imagine that these women turned to each other. What would the dia…

Read, Read and read more!

Reading must be a passion. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help, inspiring books, the Bible should be on the list for other reasons, too. Spiritual and filled with parables it has been inspiration to millions. Read books on the Buddha, and other spiritual teachings. Knowledge is your only weapon in advertising, so keep your mind open and unprejudiced.

Read books on advertising like John Caples, Ogilvy, Bernbach - learn the basics from them.
Hey, Whipple Squeeze This, is my favorite so is Philip Ward Burton Advertising Writing. Later you could add Otto Kleppner - Advertising Procedure. .

There are also creative books like - A whack on the side of your head

Keep reading everything you get your hands on. Magazines, newspapers, websites, fiction, non-fiction books even comics, you'll find them an important part of  seeing what others do not and that's the biggest plus point of being a copywriter - coming out with out-of-the-box ideas and concepts.

Hobbies – learning new on…

Start Writing without fear

Writer’s block or the inability to start or continue writing has troubled even famous writers. Writers find solutions in going for a walk, travelling, going to a favourite place to eat, trekking, painting, sports, cooking, playing a favourite instrument and anything that has - nothing to do with the actual process of writing.

Free writing – our brain warming exercise

Creativity in itself opens up your mind, but when you open a page…what if:

• You’re full of ideas and don’t know where to start
• You’re still not sure what you want to write
• You’re blank
Believe me any of these reasons are often true, for all writers.

So enjoy – giving your mind a free reign. Happy Writing or should I say Happy Free writing!

Creative Session: 

Free write with the prompts heart, friends, or take any word and start. Remember once you start do notstop till your timer rings at 5 minutes.