Paint clouds step by step!

Finally, after practicing washes we're ready to start on clouds!

Keep a tissue handy and let's get some cool clouds! Very lightly sketch the cloud shape. Look at some real clouds and draw a basic shape or go with the examples here. 

Keep some blue, i choose ultramarine if i want to get that lifted fluffy cloud,but cobalt blue,is also a good option. The reason being a staining colour won't let us lift the white clouds.
You need a 150 lb or 300gsm paper for we are literally going to pour water on the paper...actually with a thick flat brush or your thickest one. wet the paper, thoroughly till the cloud area or above the horizon line.

Use your palette to make a mix as thick as coffee, not milk or water. Paint the top and just run the brush along,; the loaded brush will help carry and you must have noticed in your practice how the pigment spreads. Don't stop it let  it splash on it's own.

Then quickly before the shine of the paper vanishes scrunch your tissue and l…

Graded washes in waterxcolour!!

Hi friends,
Let's get closer to understanding washes, before we attempt anything else. These are the foundation to learning watercolours! Let's start with a graded wash!
Get your gear - paints, paper, lat brush, palette, tissue and of course, WATER! You can do this on one sheet by dividing the space with watercolour or painter's tape.
The first graded wash is simple yet exciting as you see the colour strengthen and fade into nothing! Chose any colour you like ultramarine blue, cobalt, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow, red or any colour you like! Soak your flat brush with pigment with very little water. Just enough to move the brush smoothly. Practice on newspaper, rough sheets so you can be sure. As a sketch book you could use 180 gsm watercolour, paper for practice. I do that for my night sketches.
Wet the area you're going to  paint. Fill your flat brush with pigment and move it on the paper in short strokes or one long stroke.Continue in strips till you…

Cloud sketches

Who doesn't love clouds! Fluffy, soft, you yearn to touch these bits of candy floss!

Dreamy yes, so why not try painting one in watercolour!
You can practice clouds. Divide the paper into fours with your painter's tape and wet the paper completely!
Take a look at some clouds below. One is blank and i will do the demo on that. 
Meanwhile take a go. Watercolour clouds are the most fun. You never really know how it will end, often better or worse than you thought. I made some gigantic mess before i got the basics. Never give up hope. Always be positive that it's a matter of learning how to!.  Practice, practice, practice is the mantra to follow!
Watercolours are a passion for me.  Hope you will find it as much fun. Splash in watercolours!

Night Sketches

For my night sketches i use Prima water colour confection. Lovely , creamy shades. I haven't tried Camel, though i have some colours  that are artist colours and lovely in tubes. I use Daniel smith for my artwork or Sennelier because they have good lightfastness which is necessary if you want to sell. but for practice i use colours that are soft and vibrant without wasting my expensive colour. But i'm very happy with Prima watercolours shades. Bright and vibrant and creamy soft..Tried to get them on prima marketing but they don't recognize prima watercolrs!!!Anyways!

Check the flowers landscpaes and night sketches and washes i've done on my instagram page drmctchr_studio  or Valsa John. Follow me and get the giveaways when they come and latest paintings i do.

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So well! Practice, pract…

Colour values -easy peasy

Hi friends

Hope you had a great time splashing! Then spread the word, so others can benefit!

This time before the sky there is an exercise that we have to practice to get into the groove.

This involves splashing again.
Step I Pick some colours, you could choose your favorite sky colouts. If you mix and blend you will et new colours that will be your own ormyls. Try noting immediately as you watercolour wet in wet which means you work on a wet paper and drop in colours or Wet in dry  yeah it's you take watery colours to the paper.

Let's try the wet in dry fur this exercise.

Step II
Take a strong value of watercolour. Just mix a strong colour without much water just enough on your brush. Then for the next add water to your brush.
/yeah a lighter value emerges. Continue this adding more water till you get plain paper.Try the black also.
This way you will get to learn values later when you paint objects, scenes, flowers anything you desire.
It would be great if you can add the na…

Splash in watercolours

Loose watercolours.

It's really fun and we'll go through a simple flower, to learn tricks to make it easy peasy!

So let's get started!
Paper, Pencil, Kneadable rubber( so no marks on paper).Any soft rubber will do. Make light lines. Mine are dark so you can see the gaps.

Choose paints! Camel or any brand paints preferably Artist's grade. The pigment is softer and more transparent. I often use Prima watercolour confections. Awesome colours! Especially for night sketches and practice which often becomes my final artwork!

Brush no. at least three - 1  3, 6 and a flat brush 1/2 inch (optional for now)

Tissues to dab brush on !

So let's get started: Step 1
Draw a simple flower, only leave a few gaps here and there. This will let you loose that tight control and let you give up the fear of watercolours.This is a basic flower. You could draw any. Only remember to leave gaps in between the drawing!

STEP III Put the background in! Previous pic also shows you that. Use wa…

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